Top 5 “Need-to-Knows” about Crossings 2014!

Connection PeepsCamp has finally arrived and is in full-swing at both Jonathan Creek and Cedarmore! Adults and students alike are enjoying all that Crossings 2014 has to offer. Although the heart and mission of Crossings will never change, we are consistently looking for new additions to camp that will continue to bring excitement and excellence to all we do. So, as thousands more are still preparing to join us at camp this summer, we decided to create a list of the top 5 “need-to-know” items for anyone attending Crossings 2014!

Top 5 “Need-to-Knows” for Crossings 2014!

1) New Features

Along with a new year comes new ways to experience camp. At Jonathan Creek, we have added a new POI option – the Aerial Adventure Park! This high ropes course is guaranteed to bring out the adventurer in you. With 16 different elements, it allows you the freedom to create your own course! At Cedarmore, we have added two new slides at the Waterfront. You can race your friends or simply enjoy the ride, but either way, these slides are already a favorite at the Waterfront!

2) 80s-Themed Just Dance

Camp-wide fellowships are a highlight of Crossings. Last summer, we introduced a new late-night fellowship – Just Dance! It quickly became a camp favorite and has returned for a second year, only this time with a twist. This year Just Dance is 80s themed! So, be sure to pack your best 80s attire and come ready to dance!

3) #GIVE20 Challenge Offering

At the start of the year, a challenge was issued to all our groups attending camp this summer – the #GIVE20 Challenge! We challenged everyone to start saving one dollar every week leading up to camp, and come ready to give 20 dollars toward the mission work in Haiti. So, in honor of this challenge, on the first night of camp this summer, we will be taking up the #GIVE20 Offering. But don’t worry! If you didn’t have the chance to join the challenge before arriving, there will be another chance to give toward the Haiti mission on the last night of camp during our Beyond Effect Offering.

4) Experience Camp Now

Although not new to Crossings 2014, Experience Camp Now is always on the need-to-know list for anyone attending, or with a student attending, camp. Experience Camp Now is a great online resource for parents and students alike. You can watch live stream worship services, see daily photos and videos from camp, learn about the staff and email a student at camp! There is even a place specifically for parents with information on the Bible Study, post-camp questions and more. Visit our website, or click here, to visit our Experience Camp Now site!

5) 2015 – Rebuild

Last, but definitely not least, a need-to-know for camp this summer is that registration is already available to Crossings 2015! We have officially launched our 2015 theme, Rebuild. In 2015, we will delve into the book of Haggai and God’s call on the people of Israel to rebuild. Check out our 2015 website here to learn more about dates, rates and camp pastors, and come ready to register while you are at camp or online!