5 Reasons Why You Should Come To Harvest Festival

The leaves are changing, the fields have turned to gold, we finally got some cooler weather (sort of), and our Harvest Festivals are right around the corner — there’s no doubt that it is fall here in the beautiful state of Kentucky! In celebration, we have 5 thrilling reasons for why you, your friends and family, and your church should come join us for one of our two Harvest Festivals in the upcoming weeks.

1. Free Popcorn and Candy

Because who doesn’t love free snacks? What more needs to be said?

2. Pumpkins and Pie

And possibly even pumpkin pie. Walk around our field of pumpkins, pick and choose one (or two or three), take them to the pumpkin painting station or home with you for some good fall decor! Don’t forget to enter a pie into the pie baking contest and see if you can win!

3. Zip Lines and Lazer Tag

Two camp favorites and now Harvest Festival favorites too. Team up with your friends and family for some exciting adventures — all completely free! 

4. Hay Rides

And hay mazes and hay bales for that classic harvest feel. Climb onto the tractor ride and take a spin around our beautiful properties. 

5. Family and Friends

Whether you come by yourself, with your family, or a group of friends, our Harvest Festivals are a day to celebrate the good and bountiful things the Lord has put in our lives. One of those good things is the gift of community and we’re excited to celebrate that with you!

See you soon!