CORE 2014: Gospel, Relationships, Excellence

core crossings connection (6)It may be winter, but there was a feeling of summer at Cedarmore this weekend as over 400 people gathered for the first weekend of CORE 2014. From worship and POIs, to Bible study and morning celebration, students had the opportunity to enjoy everything they love about summer camp packed into one fun-filled winter weekend.

CORE  began last year as an opportunity for youth groups to go deeper into the three key Biblical values at the core of Crossings, which are Gospel, Relationships and Excellence. The desire for each CORE gathering is that these truths not only be spoken into the hearts of all participants, but that they be moved to put what they learn into action.

This weekend students were led by John Nix, who served as camp pastor, and in small group by volunteer summer staff. Nix walked students through the life of Paul and how he lived out the core of Gospel, relationships and excellence. Many students responded to the message and “crossed over from death to life” as they made the commitment to surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus.

Students were also challenged this weekend to take part in The Beyond Effect by joining our #GIVE20 challenge. A Beyond Effect Offering was taken on the last night and over $3,500 was raised for Haiti!

This past weekend was the first of three CORE events Crossings will host this winter. The other two weekends will take place March 7-9 at Cedarmore and March 14-16 at Jonathan Creek.

We are grateful for all that the Father did this past weekend, and we look forward to what he has in store for the next two weekends!


Time is running out, but it is not too late! Join us for CORE 2014; click here to register