Announcing Crossings 2015: REBUILD!

rebuild_textured_logoThe wait is finally over! What better way to kick start the summer than by announcing the launch of our 2015 camp theme – REBUILD!

By definition, to rebuild means to “build again” something that once was complete, but has been either damaged or destroyed. Next summer, we will be jumping into the book of Haggai and examining God’s call on the people of Israel to do just that. We will enter the story at a time when God’s people were focusing on building their own lives and homes, and neglecting the House of God. We will see that through His prophet Haggai, God gave His people a message of redemption, challenging them to remember the Lord and consider their ways. He calls them to take the temple from its ruins and to REBUILD.

In 2015, we will see how God continues to desire to see our lives transformed from ruins to righteousness. REBUILD will challenge us all to RETHINK, RENEW, RESTORE and REDEEM.

To learn more about REBUILD, or to register for Crossings 2015, click here!