A Mark of God’s Faithfulness: New Worship Center Dedication

worship (2)As Summer Staff arrived last week for their first day of training, they were met with the opportunity to take part in a special evening for the ministry. Alongside Crossings Staff, current and former board members and families spent the evening praising the Lord and remembering His faithfulness as they dedicated the newest addition to the property – the new worship center.

Countless hours of groundwork and prayer have gone into the building of Jonathan Creek’s new worship center, and last week that preparation culminated in a night of praise to the Lord.

David Melber, President and CEO, took an opportunity to remind all the attendees of God’s provision of Crossings. He shared the history of Jonathan Creek, from its near-closer only 20 years ago to its coming summer of nearly 7,000 people attending camp at Jonathan Creek alone. The night then concluded with a charge by Scott Bidwell, Property Director at Jonathan Creek, to Summer Staff and leaders to write scripture and prayers on the soon-to-be carpeted stage and floors.

For many, the dedication of the new worship center was the perfect way to prepare hearts and minds for the start of the already record-breaking 15thsummer of Crossings at Jonathan Creek.